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Eganeet – The guided students journey that can guide individually understanding individual learning speed and grasp. Eganeet Crafts your knowledge and Skills to empower your Math Acumen. Eganeet is an Adaptive Learning platform – giving directions and guidance at every step of learning.

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What Makes eGaneet World's Best?


Learning Through Concepts

Chapters are Converted to small concepts and allows to get command on them through huge practice.
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Learning with Worksheets

Concepts can be learnt thoroughly only when all types of questions that belong to single concept is practiced perfectly and consistently.
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Learning with Graded Practice

Step wise learning from increasing difficulty level is the best way of learning. It gives more challenges to handle and also gives exact indication of where one stands.

Recorded Concept Videos

Concept is explained using simplified visuals and animations along with all real life examples and solved problems and finally ashort quiz. Everything is covered within the video lecture.
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Video Solutions

Video Solutions improve the inherent learning as it does not provide entire ready solution but it gives it in parts one by one. They are in hint form and makes student to think on own and develops inherent fundamental learning. 

Hint Methodology

Hint methodology is the most effective way to learn. In teaching the hint methodology is to develop curiosity and seek reasoning and logics while in problem solving its step by step approach moving ahead to the final answer.

Learn from the best engaging video lessons that solve All Doubts

The videos that simplify concepts using world class technology

What Really Engage Students to Eganeet

Student Journey

The Learning App That is Best Companion for every student's learning Journey.

The ‘guided’ student’s journey that can guide individually by understanding the individual learning speed and grasp. 

Product Features

Eganeet has all the facilities, technology and the methods that will make student’s study journey most comfortable and effective.

Eganeet is a platform which has many inbuilt unique things that can transform the students approach in Math which will remain lifelong with him.

Free Study Material

Unlimited Practice and Worksheets – Studying harder is now fun.