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Eganeet – The guided students journey that can guide individually understanding individual learning speed and grasp. Eganeet Crafts your knowledge and Skills to empower your Math Acumen. Eganeet is an Adaptive Learning platform – giving directions and guidance at every step of learning.

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About Us

Eganeet is a platform created by experts for easy and simplified learning.


What is Eganeet

Eganeet is a Math Learning Platform for School Math of all levels. Eganeet is a one stop solution for the Math learning requirement for all age group of school students. Eganeet is a primary learning environment for basic math and higher order math.

Eganeet is a 'guided' student journey for student's daily study plan to handle the study in most monitored way to actually see the growth that helps achieve the expertise.

Eganeet includes the elements of critical learning where every student’s individual critical ability is tested and refined further.

Eganeet is a ecosystem in itself to accommodate every aspect of Math learning with wide range covered.

Why eGaneet

eGaneet Philosophy

eGaneet Methodology

eGaneet -

Test that actually tells you where you stand

Eganeet is a Math Learning Platform which will ensure students to improve performance from simple levels to most difficult levels. Eganeet has all the facilities, technology and the methods that will make student’s study journey most comfortable and effective. Eganeet is a platform which has many inbuilt unique things that can transform the students approach in Math which will remain lifelong with him.









Periodic Counselling

The most necessary step to keep up the motivation. Performance is Monitored not for highlighting mistakes but to adapt to suitable learning way.