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Eganeet – The guided students journey that can guide individually understanding individual learning speed and grasp. Eganeet Crafts your knowledge and Skills to empower your Math Acumen. Eganeet is an Adaptive Learning platform – giving directions and guidance at every step of learning.

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EGANEET Product Highlights and Features

Eganeet is a Math Learning Platform which will ensure students to improve performance from simple levels to most difficult levels. Eganeet has all the facilities, technology and the methods that will make student’s study journey most comfortable and effective.

Eganeet is a platform which has many inbuilt unique things that can transform the students approach in Math which will remain lifelong with him.

Competitive exams / Olympiad

Higher Level Problems – Special Sessions

Medium of communication – phone SMS WhatsApp Email app notifications

Academic / Non Academic query handling and response

Missed classes / Missed Study / Test – protocols

Solving / Practice Sessions – Monitored

Class room conduction routine – complete protocol

Student communication and reminders

Announcements – major competitive exams or other related / form filling

1. Video Lectures


  • Instead of longer video lectures – Eganeet videos are made short of 15 mins as they only deal with single concept.
  • Videos are structured in simple and effective way –
    • Introduction and summary,
    • Concept explanation by faculty;
    • Explanation using animated content and examples
    • Short Quiz
    • Sample problems solved
    • Recap of Learning
  • Explanation of concept is done using hint technique meaning no spoon feeding but questions are constantly asked and students are prompted to think to go step by step to understand the concept.
  • Eganeet Video Lectures are easy to understand , easy to grasp and very effective in learning.
  • Videos Lectures can be viewed as many times as one wants.

2. Video Solutions


  • Video Solutions are videos showing the way on “how to solve this problem” with all possible steps to arrive at final answer along with explanation for all steps needed to solve.
  • Videos Solutions are like real where teacher is actually explaining the way to solve given problem.
  • Video Solutions use Hint technique –
    • Instead of giving complete solution as readymade. First Hint is given and students are expected to get the clue and solve problem.
    • In case student is not able to answer with one hint, a second hint is given
    • Third hint comes as final hint arriving at the right answers.
    • Most of the students can solve problems with one hint and many would require other hints too.
  • Videos Solutions is an easy and effective way to understand the way to approach the problem and taking it to final answer.
  • Video Solutions is a step ahead than a text solution and where teacher’s explaining is better learning than reading on own.
  • Videos Solutions also motivates students to solve more as one knows one can get help on these problems.

3. Animations – simple concept explanation


  • Concept Animations are small animated videos explaining simple concepts in a simpler visual and graphical way.
  • Even without any commentary or further vocal explanation a concept can be understood through animated videos as its simplified with graphics.

4. Text Solutions


  • Problems if found difficult then Text Solutions are quick and handy HELP
  • Text Solutions give step wise approach to handle to problem.
  • Text solutions give a final answer and the way to reach it.

5. Hint Method


  • Hint Method is a way of teaching and learning where self-development and self-thinking is given main importance.
  • Learning always happens when we get stuck and do not know how to move ahead - But at this point we should be able to think on our own and find the way to move ahead. Hint Methodology at this point just acts like a facilitator and just a guides and suggest ONLY clues to HELP move ahead.
  • Hint Methodology actually takes you ahead from stuck situation by ONLY guiding and not solving on behalf of you.
  • Hint Methodology is used in Problem Solving – By not giving entire readymade solution but slowly giving clues and hints and making you think more and slowly proceeding towards the solutions.
  • Hint Methodology is used in teaching by asking questions on how to move to next stage and NOT directly reaching to next stage.
  • Hint Methodology makes you learn on your own - By constantly deciding on own on what next step should be taken in learning – by simply understanding the clues and going ahead.

6. Question Bank


  • Sample problems, Solved problems, practice problems, worksheet problems, Short test problems, Long test Problems – ALL need fresh and new problems or questions.

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7. Step wise Practice Problems / Graded Practice


  • Learning always happens in steps and grades. Fresh learning always begins with basics and moving towards  difficult situation and then finally graduating to expert level.
  • Learner has to handle first basic questions and then only has to move to towards more challenging and difficulty problems
  • Eganeet offers step 1 to step 5 problems – these are defined according the difficulty levels and step 1 being basic level and Step 5 being of highest difficulty level
  • Eganeet offers Step 1 and Step 2 as a compulsory and MUST solve problems which prepares you for CBSE school level exams to excel and get good marks
  • Eganeet also includes practice above school level through Step 3 4 and 5 which are more challenging and prepares students for difficult competitive exams like Olympiads etc.
  • Step wise problems are properly categorized chapter wise and hence student can easily get command on the chapter and concepts and challenge themselves for higher level problems
  • With Step 1 to Step 5 graded problems students can set goals according to their own pace and capacity.
  • With Step 1 to Step 5 graded problems students can know their preparedness for any exam – e.g. School exam, state competitive exam, national competitive exam, international competitive exams
  • With Step 1 to Step 5 problems students can monitor and accelerate their speed and pace to match their goals and targets.

8. Worksheets


  • Maths is learning, understanding and practicing. Worksheet is a guided and focused practice after learning and understanding.
  • Worksheet is practice with different types of problems. In a given concept many types of questions can be asked. Also many ways questions can be posed or given. The practice to every possible types of questions is actually working on worksheet.
  • Worksheet is always short practice because it deals with only individual concepts and all types of questions within the concept.
  • Worksheet is the sure way of getting command on the concept. More we do worksheets more we get command on the concept.

9. Cheat Sheets


  • Cheat Sheet is a quick way and faster way to recall and revisit those conceptual learning within a short time.
  • Cheat Sheet is a last minute kind of quick glancing study to revise our concepts.
  • Cheat Sheet is meant for saving time and it actually comes handy when you don’t want to do all the studies again but instead you just want to glance and finish it quicker.
  • Cheat Sheet is helpful as a regular revision tool.

10. Most Common Mistakes


  • While solving and practicing students mostly get stuck on certain problems or steps. These are Most Common Mistakes which are committed by almost every student.
  • Instead of solving and getting stuck and understanding – it’s easy to go through already known mistakes that are very common.
  • Eganeet offers such Most Common Mistakes to avoid more time on same mistakes and gives a way to handle them. Its like learning from the other’s mistake well in advance.
  • Eganeet makes it possible for a student to know beforehand what can go wrong and prepares students for it.

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11. Tests – Short / Long / Diagnostic / Final Chapter / Final concept


  • After finishing studying when we want to know how much we have learnt it’s the test that tells us our level of knowledge and understanding.
  • Tests and frequent tests is part of Eganeet and it is purposely made go through lots of test as student must get ready to face all sorts of questions and problems
  • Eganeet Offers different types of tests
    • Diagnostic Test – As soon as you are introduced to the concept and without own study – this test checks your understanding
    • Post Study Concept test – After studying and going through all study like worksheets solving etc. – this test checks your understanding after you have already studied.
    • Chapter Short Test – This test ensures to know broader understanding of the chapter, its quick and covers complete concepts within chapter.
    • Chapter Long Test – This test ensures to know detailed understanding or in-depth understanding of chapter.

12. Reading Material / Study Material


  • Books are meant for understanding but sometimes its difficult to understand from books. Hence Eganeet has prepared special easy to use and easy to understand study material which explains everything in details.
  • Eganeet Study material is the most important part of studies in which one finds everything related to syllabus, chapter, concepts, questions, problems etc.
  • Eganeet Study Material in essence actually means entire content related to studies including tests, problems, solved examples, explanation, answer keys etc.
  • Eganeet Study material is handy help whenever student needs to go back to verify confirm or just understand more.
  • Eganeet Study Material is thorough in every sense and student will never need anything apart from this to improve on studies.

13. Student Journey


14. Time Table – Student Routine


  • Time Table is very common word but Eganeet makes plan for every activity for a student individually.
  • Time Table is a dynamic routine for a student and it changes according to the study pace and activity completions.
  • Time Table forms the first information with Eganeet where student will know what is planned for the day for him.
  • Time Table actually defines the student journey in a planned way and student is always guided to activities which enhance the studies.

15. Doubt Clearing


  • We get stuck with problems when we are actually solving and very much involved with our studies. Doubt clearing is a HELP to handle the difficulty we are facing and move ahead out of it.
  • Doubt Clearing – is done by faculty, teacher or experts who make us understand why we are getting stuck and how to find a way out.
  • Mostly doubts are related to specific problems –
    • Not knowing how to start – (difficulty in understand the problem and decide the approach)
    • If started getting stuck in middle (not able understand because what’s started is not leading anywhere)
    • Solving till end but answers getting wrong and not matching with correct answers
    • Trying again and again getting different answers also but still not matching with correct answer.
    • As most of the solutions are available on Eganeet – Doubts may be related to not understanding the solution itself and one needs more explanation.
  • Eganeet helps doubt clearing in very easy ways
    • There is doubt raising button besides every problem just click and it will be registered and faculty will receive and will respond in a while.
    • Ask Doubt button just opens a message window and one can type / or send picture of question and it will be received by faculty and faculty will respond in a while
    • Doubt clearing sessions are conducted frequently with allotted time to students
    • Doubts can also be sent through messaging within App or Whatsapp or Email
    • Response to Doubts are usually in the form of message reply with links / solved problem photo / and finally if required only then interaction.

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16. LIVE Classes


  • Eganeet LIVE classes are participative and interactive – where students can ask and answer during the class.
  • Eganeet LIVE classes are systematically structured by sequence and time and includes – teaching, short quiz, question answers, quick common doubts, sample problem solving, difficult problems solving etc.
  • Eganeet LIVE classes are conducted by a senior faculty and a coordinator is also present to make sure to attend to non-academic requirement of students during the class (sharing material, sharing test links, notifying timings etc.)
  • Eganeet LIVE Classes are simple to join as links are available to everyone on App
  • Faculty at LIVE classes make sure to interact with everyone.

17. Syllabus Progress - No of classes


  • Eganeet provides student a constant awareness on how much syllabus finished and how much left and how much will be covered in what duration.
  • Eganeet has structured the syllabus according to the no. of classes required.
  • Knowing the progress of syllabus ensures student’s revision study and thereby ensuring command on entire syllabus.

18. Solved Examples


  • Eganeet has learning methodology where student on own can learn. And what more effective way than to have solved and sample examples which are solved by steps to showcase how to handle the problems
  • Solved examples are basic problems to understand how to solve problems.
  • All types of problems and questions are covered and gives student an exposure on how different types of problems can be solved.
  • When student get stuck they can refer to see solved examples.

19. Replicated Problems


  • Eganeet has huge question bank and it consists of some replicated problems for more and persistent practice.
  • Many student find only certain types of problems difficult and some may find some other types of problem as difficult. But both will need more practice to have more practice Eganeet has huge set of replicated problems which gives student a practice which makes student perfect in such problems.
  • Difficult problems are difficult because certain elements are hard to comprehend and once that difficult element is practiced more and more one can really overcome the difficulty. Replicated problems do the job of giving practice on same difficulty.

20. Test Analysis and Action Plan


  • Test Analysis at Eganeet forms the basis of what next in studies. With the test analysis many things get clear and one can focus on weaknesses and work more it.
  • Eganeet does the Test Analysis in a very effective way – the parameters include
    • Total score on correct vs wrong
    • Identifying Question types which are wrong
    • Identifying Question types which are correct
    • Identifying which concepts are weak
    • Identifying which concepts are strong
    • Identifying speed and time of solving each problem
    • Identifying attempts on each problem and frequency of changing of answers.
    • How many other students have solved same question – right or wrong
    • How far is the performance against the highest performer and weakest performer.
  • Based on Analysis Next action plan is decided on what to practice.
  • Action Plan mostly is towards more practice but instead of studying all over again - guided and focused practice is required at this stage.

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21. Reports – full details / Activity records


  • Full performance report is always visible and available to student and parents
  • Reports includes – Attendance, activities done, finished unfinished, time spent, no. of problems solved, correct wrong, weak areas, strong areas, suggested action plan etc.

22. Parent communication


  • Parents is full time in loop during the learning process and gets report regarding progress, performance and activities.
  • Parents can anytime connect with Eganeet staff to enquire, ask about student’s progress.
  • Parents can also raise doubts (solving problems) in case they are helping students in studies.
  • Parents get daily updates.

23. Student communication and reminders


  • Eganeet is a guided program and at every step student is instructed and guided to take actions.
  • Instructions and guided information is constantly shared with students in the form of SMS, Whatsapp, email.
  • Reminders are daily sent for Attendance, activities done, finished unfinished, time spent, no. of problems solved, correct wrong, weak areas, strong areas, suggested action plan etc
  • Reminders are sent daily for upcoming class, videos, test, worksheets etc.
  • Reminders means – prompting student to take some action – either pending, forgotten or next step in continuation of what is being done.

24. Teacher interaction – query handling


  • Eganeet allows free and fair interaction between students and teachers. And also teachers and parents.
  • Student can interact with teacher during the class while class is going on and there is no restriction.
  • Student can interact freely while in doubt session.
  • Student is free to ask about doubts, syllabus, difficult problems, how to study, how to get marks and everything that student needs guidance on.