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Eganeet – The guided students journey that can guide individually understanding individual learning speed and grasp. Eganeet Crafts your knowledge and Skills to empower your Math Acumen. Eganeet is an Adaptive Learning platform – giving directions and guidance at every step of learning.

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Eganeet Student Journey – Study Action Plan

Eganeet Helps student with a readymade study action plan which guides student with step by step actions on what activity to follow one after another in a sequential manner to get the best performance. With EGANEET Student is properly guided on every stage of learning and making the learning interesting and more effective.

This guided journey of student is a unique approach by EGANEET which is scientific and very effective. Eganeet Student Journey is a real handholding of the student and guiding him from zero level highest level

How does it work? And how is it really effective.

Study in Action - 10 Steps of Student Journey

Following the 10 steps student Journey routine will ensure a disciplined and effective study

1. Recorded Video Concept Lecture - Watch it / Or Attend Live Class

2. Diagnostic Concept Test – Attempt the test and Diagnostic Performance – Understand and Proceed for Study

3. Concept Worksheets - Try solving and practice it

4. Most common mistake

5. Cheat Sheets

6. Post study Concept Test

7. Test Analysis and Understanding it

8. Concept Notes

9. Practice – Step 1 to Step 6

10. Doubts

With this elaborate journey and handholding at every step students are ready for every challenges of Math. The students who are at weaker level will see themselves at higher level and those who are already at higher level will see themselves at much higher level ready to face most difficult problems.

The power of EGANEET is in its methodology of handholding and guiding students on every step and pushing to next level.

1. Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test is taken when we have just heard video lecture or attended a live class. This is to assess on our strength of understanding and without any preparation or studies how much we are able to grasp and retain. Diagnostic is very important in terms of deciding course of your study and hard work. This will decided on which part to focus and which part to pay attention.

2. Post Study Concept test

Concept Test is taken when we have prepared and studied to our satisfaction and now ready to challenge and know our preparation level. Concept test will assess our ability of study and progress to understand on our shortcomings in terms of practice and study pattern. Concept test gives us information on how well we know now the concept and how well we can handle when we face it anytime in next tests.

3. Chapter Short Test

Chapter Short Test is always a quick test to assess whether we need to more study or it’s enough. This test gives us indication on how much more efforts will be required and how much more practice will be required. At this stage we can plan our study hours and we can plan our practice hours.

4. Chapter Long Test

Chapter Long Test is a full length test which assess our ability to handle different set of problems and many problems at given time. More the problems more we will know where we stand. 49 correct problems out of 50 is better score than 9 correct out of 10 because we got 98% in long test but 90% in short test. Long test also serves larger purpose to know our confusion level improvement when we face more problems which are minutely different but significant in comprehension.

5. Chapter Final Test

Chapter Final Test is a conclusion to know we have come long way and it must now end to positive improvement. After practicing so many problems and taking so many tests it’s the final verdict and final chance to prove we have significantly improved.